We provide mobile technology solutions to solve some of the most pressing health issues.

About Us

MOBicure is a social enterprise that provides mobile technology solutions to solve some of the most pressing healthcare issues plaguing Nigeria and other developing nations.
We are a‎ mobile health (mhealth) company creating solutions that make use of mobile technology devices and tools such as phones, tablets, SMS, apps, Interactive Voice Recordings (IVRs) and videos to solve some of the most pressing healthcare problems facing developing countries, especially with regards to maternal and child health.
At MOBicure, our vision is to bring healthcare to the fingertips of everyone using mobile technology. Our core values are excellence and innovation.

Our flagship product is called OMOMI.
OMOMI (meaning 'my child') is a mobile platform for pregnant women and mothers of under-5s that enables them monitor their children's health, provides access to specific and life-saving maternal and child health information, as well as medical expertise at the touch of a button.

ỌMỌMI: Features
Mother’s Community

Join millions of mothers all over the world, sharing awesome experience on child nurturing & its difficulties, and gain great nurturing insights with ever ready doctors on standby to tend to complex & unanswered question.

Quiz Game

The Quiz Game feature is an enjoyable fun-filled platform that questions and educates mothers on maternal issue…
Play against other mothers and top the leader board.

Growth Monitor

The Growth Monitor feature, helps to prevent your child from taking ill. It helps mothers personally check their baby’s weight, height, arm size, and provide ready diagnosis on Oedema, Malnutrition and color code.

Health Facts

This feature is sub-divided into three categories; Food Supplementation, Family Planning and Breast Feeding. For veteran mothers, you have alot to share and for new mothers, you have a lot to learn along side other mothers.

Bio Data

Every child is unique, and as such the app allows mothers to fill their child’s biological details, so as to give the mother\user a more personalised and intuitive experience tailored for the mother\user & hero child.

Maternal Calculator

Experience the expertise of a doctor at the comfort of your home, even while having your favorite meal. With the ỌMỌMI maternal calculator, you have the opportunity to know your Fertile Date/Ovulation Cycle without going through the troubles of queueing in the hospital.

Immunization Tracker

Having to cram and or know your child’s immunization status can be cumbersome for busy mothers, but not anymore, because the ỌMỌMI App comes with an immunization tracker feature which provides an easy to use immunization management solution for your child.

Diarrhea Management

A mother can sometimes be too busy to tend to minor issues concerning her child due to tight schedules. But hey! the ỌMỌMI app helps prevent and manage diarrhoea for your child, whiles you tend to more pressing matters, but you’ve got to be a part of it, so download now.

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Our Awesome Team
Dr Charles .I. Akhimien

Dr Charles Immanuel Akhimien is a medical doctor, innovator and Co-founder of MOBicure.
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‎Dr Charles is a Mandela Washington Fellow, a 2017 Commonwealth Youth Awards finalist and a Highly-commended Runner-up of the 2016 Queen’s Young Leader Awards. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and an Alumnus of the Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship Program. An avid writer, he won the prestigious 2013 World Environment Day (WED) Blogging Competition organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and he represented UNEP in Mongolia as the UNEP official blogger for the WED 2013.
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Dr Emmanuel Owobu

Dr Emmanuel Owobu is a medical doctor, social entrepreneur, mhealth consultant and Co-founder of MOBicure.
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He is a Commonwealth Scholar, a Leap Africa Fellow and a 2017 Commonwealth Youth Awards finalist. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Edinburgh studying global e-health. He is particularly passionate about solving social problems using ICT. A lover of new technologies and innovative trends as well as always seeking to improve skills with every project done. He is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley, two T.V shows that help him relax.
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Ofure Ukpebor

Ofure is a Software Engineer and the CTO at MOBicure. She is a tech mentor to girls starting their careers in Computer Science and Mathematics.
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She is currently involved in building Web GIS applications using GPUs at the City University of New York.
Prior to MOBicure, she worked as the Lead Developer in Anakle, Nigeria and has years of experience in building mobile and web solutions.
She also mentors females to code through the Girls Who Code organization.
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