Ok so i’m pretty sure the very cathy title got you inquisitive quite alright lol, well your very welcome to this space and thank you for your time, today the main topic of discussion is simply about RICKETS but somehow each time I mentioned the word Rickets, the words crickets and wickets also came to mind lol, now while the three words mean totally different things, we would however be talking about the former.

Now Rickets is a childhood disorder of the bones in which bones soften and become prone to fractures. It is mainly caused by deficiency of vitamin D and/or Calcium. It can also be caused by a few childhood liver and kidney diseases.


 Rickets, like many other childhood defects could also either be genetic (passed on through genes) or congenital (caused by abnormalities that occur during formation in utero). Symptoms (which are things we see unlike signs which are precursors or indications of particular illnesses) of rickets includes: pain, tenderness and brittleness of the bones, Low calcium blood level (hypocalcemia), spinal, pelvic or cranial deformity, uncontrolled muscle spasms, widening of the wrists etc.

Now as for how to know when one has Rickets, it can be diagnosed by blood tests, X-rays and bone biopsy. The importance of early diagnosis of rickets helps to prevent the more severe prognosis/long term effect which includes permanent bone deformity, low blood calcium level and less often heart muscle weakness.


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