Your child doesn’t do her assignment until her books are complete and arranged in a order,

She constantly checks to see if her bag is fully packed,

She is scared of dirt in an abnormal way,

Arranges her shoes, clothes, toys or books in a specific order,

Doesn’t eat her food until everything is complete and arrange in a specific order,

Washes her hand so thoroughly, it seems she is almost peeling her skin off,

Always thinks she is to blame for bad happenings,

Recites a set of words a number of time before going somewhere or doing something e.g. saying a word 4 times before jumping into the car to school, or checking twice to make sure the door is locked before leaving the house,

Always doubts if she did a task correctly,

If your child exhibits any of the above traits, then he/she is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Here, the child suffers from unwanted and disturbing thoughts and urges that intrude into his/her mind causing anxiety and discomfort; to fight these discomforts, the child engages in repetitive behaviors and mental actions.

Your child is afraid that if she fails to arrange her books in a given order, she will fail the homework, or not understand as she reads.

She thinks if her bag is not fully packed, they might have an accident on the way, or she may fall sick,

She thinks if she does not check the door twice to make sure it is locked, a thief will break into their house, steal their belongings and kill her parents,

She thinks if the table is not arranged in a particular order, then she is not going to enjoy her food, or the food is not going to digest,

She thinks if her shoes or toys are not arranged in a order, her mom may fall on them, get sick and die, and then she will be blamed for it.

She fears that if she does not wash her hands twice she will fall sick and die,

She fears that if she shakes hands with strangers, she will contract a terminal disease, bring it home and spread it to her family.

These thoughts are unwanted, they intrude into the child’s mind and the child tries to fight them by engaging in activities that they think will stop those thoughts.

Obsessive compulsive disorder affects the child in different ways; it affects participation in school, friendship, grades and relationship with everyone.

Is there a cure for this disorder?

Yes, OCD can be cured with series of treatment involving both medicinal and behavioral therapy. Sometimes, the patient is totally cured, other times, they are not, but enjoy a significant relief from such disturbing thoughts and symptoms.


Written by: John Emoavwodua


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