Donate to us to keep the OMOMI SMS Service free for mothers across Nigeria. These age specific messages are built to support pregnant women and mothers through the antenatal, immediate postnatal periods, support breastfeeding, track and provide reminders for vaccination as well as provide quality health care messages.

It is built to provide both a health and social support for pregnant women and mothers.
Three messages are sent per week. These messages are free subscription based and mothers can terminate messages by sending STOP and mobile number that messages are being sent, to a number provided to them in text messages. Messages have been proof-read by our team of doctors.

Our aim for these messages is to:

  1. Educate mothers with basic health knowledge to support them through pregnancy.
  2. Encourage the use of clinics and primary health centres in antenatal care as well encourage pregnant women to as much as possible seek doctors advice in pregnancy
  3. Reduce risk of antenatal complications, like anemia in pregnancy
  4. Debunk myths and encourage healthy living in pregnancy.
  5. Provide social support during pregnancy.


  1. To improve health outcomes by educating mothers on importance of use of health facilities in pregnancy
  2. To help reduce the risk of maternal morbidity and mortality by improving health education via mobile phone use.
  3. To increase antenatal care attendance and active participation during antenatal care by pregnant women.

Our Bank Details:
Bank Name: Zenith Bank PLC
Account Number: 1014161857