If your absence is not noticed then your presence was never needed.  Gap fillers are what they are, because their absence are never noticed.Some persons around us are obviously called GAP FILLERS”BUT NOT IMPORTANT CATEGORY”.

Some years ago,there was a young boy who had parents that barely stayed with him for two hours daily, because of their busy schedules, luckily he had grandparents that replaced his parents absence all the while he was growing up. Whenever friends talked about their lives not being complete without their parents, he felt left out because he rarely understood the tender care they experienced in their homes. He gets amazed at their mindsets because he couldn’t imagine him blink an eyelid without the presence of his grandparents.

Some parents vividly fit into this picture of gap fillers to their children. They only make their children realise that they ought to bear their names as a sign of ownership and possession not necessarily taking the responsibilities attached. This particular set of parents posses haughty minds towards their children with words like “I am so important to my children”, unknown to them their kids have been nurtured and raised without them. These kids never complain because their lives seem to be perfect without the existence of their parents.

Shockingly these parents gets angry because of the inadequacy of their kids to yearn for their presence. And I get to wonder even if the kids yearn for their so called presence, as if they will make themselves available and also why will someone you spend less than two hours with daily not intimately like parents and kids intimacy yearn for you.
These particular parents are Adolf Hitler when they are around,always dictating what should be done and never done, not even getting to know how their decisions gets to affect their kids psychologically. They have quitted their parental position to people who have possession right of their kids reason because they have prioritised their job over their kids,never available for their kids–graduation or whatever their presence is being needed for.
They have made society a breeding ground for hoodlums because their kids were never groomed with caution,love and parental guidance. These kids never get to understand the true definition of parental care,hence abuse of the role of parenting is inevitable cause these traits are transferred to their next generation.

Certainly we don’t want to have this nonchalant attitude towards our kids,but you know mere wishing without putting modalities to gain the desired end makes us to be greatly deceiving ourselves. You may want to ask in what way should you go about these so as not to have the above occurrence in your home? My simple answer will be that you prioritise your kids over and above your job,because that your job will never fetch you love like your kids will do and if you think you are getting fulfilment from that job, don’t forget that the word SACK exist perfectly well and if that word becomes your portion, you have just your family to fall back on, the same family you were nonchalant to?
I plead to all parents and would be parents, not to be gap fillers to their kids, because when you do, you just perfectly gain yourself a seat on a keg of gun powder that is waiting to explode.

Oghenerabome abada-efajemu

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