One mistake turned my supposed beautiful life around, just one mistake, only one which I know if it happened to other persons in another family, no one will bat an eyelid. This mistake of mine turned me into a beast against my younger brother, only because my parents failed in handling my just one mistake n I myself failed to handle the issue just because of immaturity. Hmmm, I still blame my parents. 

I had an handsome younger brother, who was good personified, everything was perfect about him, the ladies would tag him TDH (tall, dark and handsome) beauty though runs in the family, my mom will still win Mrs. world contest and my dad Mr. world contest only if married persons are allowed, I myself wasn’t excluded from this beauty traits. Enough of beauty running or trekking in my family.

My younger brother who was younger than me with five years, happened to be in the same level and same course of study in the university with me. Am sure you know how depressing this can be to me. Everything was actually moving smoothly, he helped me academically and also accorded respect to me that an elder brother should have, not minding the fact that we are in the same level and his G.P can converse easily with the VC. On a beautiful day or better well said on a black and sad day, Chidubem my younger brother secret affair with a girl in our hostel came to the limelight because she got pregnant and never hesitated in broadcasting to all who cares to listen. While this tragedy of a drama episode was on display a better tragic episode erupted from the blues, the police came and arrested Chidubem for his allegiance to a secret cult. Hmm disheartened was I and people around that knew him as an awesome person. 

People murmured and uttered rubbish, like “I said it”,”over quiet people are dangerous, that you never get to know what they have up their sleeves”. My parents heart got crushed, the only one son in whom they are well pleased have brought such enormous disgrace on them to the extent that one could say that they are disgrace personified. My family became the kardeshians of the town. Chidubem became a shadow of himself at his new found home (police station), he refused eating and drinking, he was actually depressed. I felt his pain, he had bruises all over his body resulting from the hospitable reception given to him by the police.
I couldn’t see him suffer anymore, I cried. I told myself that I had to confess, yes confess. I caused his whole predicament, yes I framed him, and yes I did everything that brought this untold hardship on him.

Please and please, don’t look at me that way, don’t look at me as a devil in human form or the devil’s representative on earth. My parents inability to handle my just one mistake of being a very slow learner which resulted to me failing post utme four times, yet they never availed themselves around me during this period to pull me out of this depression but you know what they nicknamed me useless, someone with no future ambition, a never do well. Worst of it all they compared me to my younger brother in his very presence, that my failure in academics has caused me my birthright. So you see I needed to do something, that will give me back my lost glory, so pulling my brother down who my parents had made me see constantly as a rival and a threat to my birthright was the thing I needed to do.

My confession brought Chidubem back home and also to school and most importantly my parents learnt how to treat me well by not comparing me to my younger brother and also helped me to manage my issue of being a slow learner, all this change of attitude by my parents towards me happened because a counselor talked to them and made them see that it was their fault which resulted in my action towards my brother.

Finally I wasn’t punished for the frame up of Chidubem not because I didn’t deserve it but because my parents stepped into the case, being influential people.

Written by: Oghenerabome abada-efajemu

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