“Victoria! It’s your wedding day!”

I woke up to the screams of my friends. The day couldn’t have come this fast, it felt like it was just yesterday Tayo had proposed. The day I have been waiting for all my life was finally here.

“Stand up, go and shower fast, the makeup artist will be here any minute!” says Inem, my best friend and also my chief bridesmaid as she practically drags me from the bed to the bathroom and shuts the door but not before she yelled “don’t give birth there o, have your bath sharp sharp.” I burst out in laughter, this is just the beginning. 

Twenty minutes later, I was in my bathrobe waiting for the makeup artist, only to get a call from the event planner saying the makeup artist can’t make it due to a family emergency. This can’t be happening, I thought, how will I get another excellent makeup artist in such a short time. I started pacing, pools of sweat soaking my beloved bathrobe. Inem suggested a few names but I rejected them all, they weren’t good enough for me. This is my big day and I need nothing but the best.

“Vicky, we’re running out of time. You just have to choose a makeup artist to do this thing so we can get going, we’re getting late for the church service’’ Inem said. But I didn’t care, I picked up my phone and started checking online for great makeup artists and finally I found one, only problem is that it would take her two hours to get to us. Inem went ballistic, “I can’t believe you, you want to wait 2 hours for a makeup artist! The service has started already, and you still have to dress up, do your hair and drive to the wedding, what is wrong with you? ” 

A few minutes later the event planner called again saying that there’s a problem with the hall for the reception so they are getting a new hall. “Lilian, I don’t know how you are going to do it but you better get that hall back, that is the hall I want for my reception, it’s the perfect hall for my wedding. It’s either that hall or nowhere else” I yelled at the event planner through the phone. This is not going according to plan, I wanted the perfect wedding with the perfect dress, perfect make over, perfect hall, perfect everything and right now nothing is perfect about it. Inem got angry and left the room, and a minute later, My husband-to-be, Tayo, walked into the room, anger and frustration written all over his face.

“Victoria, what is going on?” he asked. I explained everything to him about the makeup artist and the hall and he just got more furious and asked, “Victoria, what exactly are you after? The wedding ceremony or the marriage, because the way I see it all you are after is a perfect wedding and you don’t even care about the marriage.” “Tayo all I want is to have my dream wedding” I replied. “And not the marriage that comes with it? Because if you cared at all about me or the marriage you won’t keep me and over a hundred guests waiting in that church.” Tayo said and then continued, “you know what Victoria, go ahead and have your “dream wedding” but leave me out of it” and with that, Tayo walked out of the room and never looked back once.

I fell to the ground and started crying, realising how stupid I have been to lose someone so important to me because of some fantasies.

“Victoria! Victoria! Victoria! Wake up! ” Inem’s voice kept ringing in my head.

“Wake up Victoria, it’s your big day” She kept shaking me till I opened my eyes slowly.

“Big day? What big day? ” I asked

“Stand up jare, it’s your wedding day and we don’t want to keep Tayo waiting.’’

Tayo? I thought I had lost him, so it was just a dream? Well, praise to God!

“Victoria, your favorite makeup artist can’t make it due to a family emergency, but I called another makeup artist though, she will be here in 10 minutes’’ Inem said.

I smiled, surprising myself as I said “thanks Inem, let me go and shower.”

Maybe, we all do get second chances once in a while and I am determined to make good use of mine.

Let’s decide today, to care less about a one-day ceremony and more about a lifetime commitment so we don’t get thrown off balance a month or a year after the wedding.

Written by : Bruce Etulanapu

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