The ỌMỌMI mobile application combines innovation with the already existing infinite potential of mobile technology in Africa. ỌMỌMI mobile web and app is a health and social platform based on the WHO/UNICEF Childhood Survival Strategies which has a unique range of features helps parents keep their children healthy by enabling them easily monitor their children’s health.
With the OMOMI app, parents can track their child’s immunization status, manage diarrhea at home with interactive DIY platform and access to speak to our doctors as well as other parents.
It also provides a fun and very educating quiz which gives parents simple health education knowledge.


Core Features:
• Mothers Community: Have a question? Talk to our Doctors
• Diarrhea Management
• Growth Monitor
• Immunization Tracker

Special Features:
• Quiz and Games: Play against other mothers and lead the score board.
• Ovulation Calculation
• Due Date Calculator
• GPS Hospital Locator

• Breastfeeding Support
• Family Planning
• Food Supplementation