The OMOMI SMS service provides timely, relevant and personalized health information on pregnancy, motherhood, safe delivery and healthy baby lifestyle.

The service is a simple SMS short code service that provides timely, life-saving and specific health information for women right from pregnancy through child birth and beyond. The service also gives vital child health information on key themes such as: child growth and nutrition, breastfeeding, food supplementation and the home management of diarrhoea. Furthermore the service has a robust immunization reminder system.

The OMOMI SMS service is available in Nigeria on the MTN, Etisalat and Airtel networks and costs 100 naira (which is a one-time fee); and it caters for the needs of the most important subset of people in any given society – women and children. OMOMI will ensure that a woman’s health needs are comprehensively covered from pregnancy till childbirth and the months thereafter. It also ensures comprehensively covers the health of the children born to these women for the first five years of life. Thousands of women across Nigeria are already benefiting from this lie-saving SMS service.

How to register for the service?
This is a two-step process:
1. Firstly text OMOMI to 33120 (after which 50 naira is deducted from your phone line)
2. Thereafter the user gets the following message, “To finish registration reply with the date of your last menstrual period in this format OMOMI DD.MM.YY or your child’s date of birth in this format: OMOMI DDMMYY”.
So to finish registration do one of two things (depending on whether the subscriber is a pregnant woman or a mother of an under-5 child):
• For pregnant women:
Text OMOMI DD.MM.YY to 33120. For example: OMOMI 15.12.14
• For mothers of children under-5 years:
Text OMOMI DDMMYY to 33120. For example: OMOMI 050615
(after which another 50 naira is deducted from your phone line)