We have a really awesome and inspiring team.


Glory Osemegbe Eguabor

Glory is the Head of Operations & Programs for MOBicure and she focuses on the development, design, operation and improvement of MOBicure’s products with a result-driven focus and client satisfaction. Glory holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature from the University of Benin. She is passionate about bridging the gap between where Africa is and where Africa should be using technology.

Taiwo Fayipe

Taiwo is a software developer with 4 years of experience in mobile and web solutions. He has interest in providing solutions to problems using technology and he’s eager to learn new things. He is part of the tech team at MOBicure.

Samuel Ukhueleigbe

Samuel is a web developer interested in solving problems in his community and abroad using technology.

Dr Pius Ehiremen Ojemolon

Dr Pius is a medical doctor and content manager for MOBicure. He provides content for the OMOMi platform as well as serves as a first responder on the OMOMi app where he provides prompt and appropriate responses to issues bothering users on the OMOMi platform.

Cynthia Duru

Cynthia is a full stack web developer at Mobicure. She is passionate about user experience and has years of experience working as a software quality analyst, prior to joining Mobicure.
She has a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science from the University of Benin.
Dr Imaobong Umanah

Dr Imaobong is a medical doctor who serves as a first responder on MOBicure’s OMOMi app dishing out swift and suitable responses to issues of concern to mothers and even mothers-to-be on the ever-busy Mothers’ Community and dads in the Daddies’ Corner.

Dr. Chidinma Nwankpa

Dr. Chidinma is a medical doctor, an IT entrepreneur and telemedicine consultant. She is also an international member of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). She serves as the Director of Strategy at MOBicure.
In addition to her role at MOBicure, Dr. Nwankpa also volunteers as a member of the Disaster Action Team and the Pillowcase project for the American Red Cross, South Texas branch.