You would agree with me that at some point in your life you’ve been betrayed by someone you never expected to. You were so disappointed, you felt down and out and all you could think about was Why? Why would …. do this to me?. Thoughts of revenge kept running through your mind. This is the exact way I feel now; maybe I should tell you my story.

I was just your normal shy, reserved young girl, so introverted to the extent that I preferred my company to that of anyone else and as such, I had very few friends. I had heard several stories about how evil boys were and how much of a distraction they  could be to your academics if you gave them a chance. As a result, I purposed in  my heart that I would never do that until I was done with school and had graduated with a first class in software engineering which was my course of study. I gave my academics utmost importance and my undivided attention.

You know I was such a beautiful young girl, so a lot of guys tried to ‘get me’ but the just couldn’t because I had built strong walls of fortification around myself, I had locked my heart  a very mighty padlock and thrown the key into the ocean. My first year passed and the second year went by too and things remained the same way. I was in my third year when I met Williams, he was an optometry student and was in his final year. Williams was a dashing young man, literally perfect, every girls dream. He was TDH you know Tall, Dark and Handsome. And his eyes!, Oh those dreamy eyes that seemed like they could see right through me.*sighs* enough about him, back to my story.

He started making advances at me and as my usual style was, I always told him off, Sarah, my closest friend found out and kept urging me to loosen up and give him a chance. I got tired of hearing her tell me about how uptight I was, so I began to loosen up. Williams and I got talking and after sometime became really good friends. Williams broke down my walls, he dove into the ocean, found the key to my heart and unlocked it. We slowly began to develop feelings for each other, oh the sweet sensations of being in love! , I could feel my heart beat a little faster whenever he interlocked his fingers with mine and whenever we were together, the world just stopped and I wished one minute was like a day.

A year went by and our love seemed to grow stronger by the day but I was a little bit worried, since I introduced Sarah to him, he was always asking about her. sometimes I felt a tinge of jealousy but then he had never cheated on me, would he then do it with my closest friend? of course not, I thought. Anytime I seemed to doubt his integrity, he was always quick to reassure me about his love. Things got more serious when I was in my final year (he had graduated by then) and he introduced me to his family as ‘the one’. Three weeks after he proposed and I said the big YES, I began to feel something off, the butterflies in my stomach seemed to have gone on a break and the love seemed to fade away, could I have made a mistake? I talked to Sarah about it and she told me  that I was only anxious and that I should brush those feelings aside and be happy no matter what. One fateful weekend, Sarah packed a few clothes and said she was going to see her sick mother in her home town which she had been doing for sometime now since she told me that her mother fell ill. I decided to give my dear Fiance a surprise visit to try to bring back the missing spark in our relationship the following day being Saturday. How I wish I knew how this day would end from the on set, I woke up very early that morning and prepared his best meal-pounded yam and Afang soup and headed straight for Rumuola where he lived. Getting there, I knocked the gate and Ahmed the gate man told me that he wasn’t in and had just driven out which was an obvious lie because I could see Williams’ car from where I stood out side the gate. I knew immediately that something was fishy, so I ran past Ahmed and headed straight for the door and up the stairs to my Fiance’s room, I barged in and there he was  straffing my closest friend who had even become a sister to me over the years. In a split second, the cooler of food fell from my hand leaving Afang soup all over the floor, I ran out almost immediately.

It’s been two weeks since the incident and it still hurts…BAD. He keeps calling but I never pick up, he leaves me tons of voicemails each day telling me how sorry he is. Sorry about what exactly? the fact that he didn’t get a gatekeeper who was better at lying?, or that he didn’t lock the door?, or that it was with Sarah?. I feel he’s only sorry he got caught. I gave him my heart and he shattered it to dust, he didn’t even let me gather the pieces, How can I ever love again?

Written by:

Cumi Oyemike 

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