‘It’s my birthday!!’

25th May was a memorable day for Isabel, she was clocking the golden 25. So much to eat and drink at her birthday party, gifts, calls, text messages flocked her phone. Something was missing; her boyfriend Charles didn’t show up for the party. No calls, no text, no gift. Everyone kept asking questions including her parents. ‘Where is  Charles?!’Exactly 3pm, she got a heart-rending text from Charles…..”IT IS OVER!’. She wasn’t patient enough to finish the message. She kept screaming ‘Not today! Not on my birthday!’. Before anyone could say Jack Robinson, she collapsed!

Isabel regained consciousness in the hospital…….she fell into depression with so many questions flooding her mind. ‘Where did I get it all wrong? After all my investment in the relationship, he walked away!’ So much tears, sleepless nights, she wasn’t her happy self anymore.

There are so many ladies today going through break-ups. They have found it difficult to regain their lost self and they have towed the way of self-pity!


  1. Accept the fact that the relationship is over. Don’t live in self-denial. The worst form of deceit is self-deception. Come to terms that the relationship didn’t work.
  2. Do a thorough evaluation of the relationship. What went wrong? Where did I get it wrong? Where did he get it wrong? Where there salient issues that was left untouched?. Be as sincere as possible while conducting these evaluations.
  3. Don’t just into another relationship immediately. An immediate relationship means a carry over of previous hurts and which will not do your new relationship any good.
  4. Heal! Heal!! Heal!!!. Take time to heal and heal deep. That includes forgiving and letting go completely. How do you know you have healed? When you don’t feel any iota of hurt, when you remember the whole scenario, you laugh without pain!
  5. Bounce Back! Yes! Like that Basket ball! Bounce back to your normal life. Start afresh! Be happy again! Love again! Live again!

Written by: Susan Dare

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