Today on Maternal Monday, we conclude the series.
I saved the best for the last, yes!
So here they are:

1. In Malaysia, it is believed that a woman experiencing a difficult labour must have offended her  husband and would have to drink the water used to wash her husband’s penis.

2. In some places, A woman having a difficult labour is being punished for something she has done wrong and needs  forgiveness for labour to proceed.

3. It is believed that if you’re experiencing lots of heart burn, your baby would be born with a lot of hair.

4. If you drink cold water, your baby will be born with asthma or pneumonia.


5. If your skin is glowing and your hair is all nice  and shiny then its a girl.

6. A pregnant woman must not plait her hair during conception and Labour, the reason being that if you do so, you are tying your womb.

7. A pregnant woman must avoid eating ice and eggs, she may struggle ro conceive.

Like i said earlier, these are just myths and is not supposed  to scare you. Stick to what you know and always consult your doctor.

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